Stray Ghost Gives Your Ears A Lot to Remember, Little to Forget

British composer Anthony Saggers, known by his moniker Stray Ghost may just be the minimalist hero of the year with his new album So Much To Remember, So Much To Forget.

Recently released digital over his bandcamp page, Stray Ghost’s new album reflects on memory and loss, and easily stands out as one of the most melancholic ambient records of the year. The light-toned, often sullen-stringed album is reminiscent of Nils Frahm’s 2012 Screws, focusing on the repetitive, soft touches on the piano without an overt flair for the dramatics.

Listeners will be taken back specifically by the album’s first half of tracks, sublimely grief-stricken yet somehow eerily comforting (“A Simple Matter of Belonging” is literally a tears-of-joy track that absolutely breaks it to be one of the year’s best tracks).  Racking in at over 22 tracks, So Much to Remember, So Much to Forget, ranks in as one of the best ambient, field-recording albums of the year, and hands down one of 2014’s best hidden gems.

While comparisons are often shrugged, Stray Ghost’s new album merges the sublimeness you’d expect out of an Arvo Pärt’s composition with the simplicity and melodic flow of Nils Frahm’s atmospheric piano pieces, along with the modernity in emotional aptitude from more commercial composers such as Helios.

With such a heart-wrenching feel, Stray Ghost’s So Much to Remember, So Much to Forget is simply too enduring to ever forget.

The album is available now here.

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