Stray Ghost

English composer Anthony Saggers, otherwise known as Stray Ghost, released a new piece of ambient beauty today entitled “You are Golden, Shaded Beauty.” The one-off single mesmerizes with light-hearted repetitious piano touches and somber strings to create a dampened yet … [Read More]

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Satellite last days

Unveiling the music video for the first track off their upcoming album Satellite on n5md records, Last Days released a complete preview of the complete record today on their website. Listeners will instantly be reminded of Arvo Pärt and Steve … [Read More]

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Smashing Pumpkins

The common notion to transition a non-classical listener into classical music is to introduce them to the most recognizable mainstream pieces of the classical world. That’s fine… however, classical novices have a difficulty differentiating quality recordings from lesser ones. The … [Read More]

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helicopter string quartet

Experimentation in classical music either provides a distinctively fresh take on the genre or goes horribly awry.  In some cases, many of these unique classical experimentations are the most physically and technologically demanding maneuvers to pull off in any performance … [Read More]

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