Wii Music fail

(By Brian Davidson)

The year was 2008. Before the advent of mobile “quickie” games like Angry Birds and Flabby Bird, the Nintendo Wii was the king of “casual” games. Mostly known as shovelware to hardcore gamers, Nintendo sought to bring … [Read More]

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two steps from hell miracles

Try telling yourself you’re not going to fall for the heroic mysticism that is Two Steps from Hell. ┬áNevermind, too late.

Debuting the title track off their upcoming album Miracles, the Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen production house is … [Read More]

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Parasite Eve Carnegie Hall

Remember that time Carnegie Hall got lit up on fire during a soprano recital? Oh right, that never happened.

BUT it did happen in the 1998 cinematic role-playing videogame Parasite Eve for the original Playstation console as Carnegie Hall would … [Read More]

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