The Best Twitters in Classical Music To Follow

Unlike the newsfeeds of Facebook and Instagram, the Twitter feed ecosphere is a wild wild west of rambles and practically past the threshold of sortable information.  Even worst for classical music, most of the genre’s related twitter accounts are often stale or behind-the-times in any sort of relevancy, opting for more promotional (“me, me, me”)-like voices.  Nonetheless, there are still a few shining lights on Twitter for those interested in following the daily musing of classical music.  Here are our top picks for who in classical music you should be following:

1. Renée Fleming (@reneesmusings)

The world’s most celebrated opera star and a living legend is also the world’s coolest opera star. Not afraid to have a laugh at herself amongst the usually stiff atmosphere of opera, Fleming’s twitter is full of pop-culture banter, throwbacks to some of the most heralded performances in opera (including herself of course), and a very personal insight into backstage than most opera performers less notable (or talented) would ever dare to provide.

renee fleming twitter


2. Totokoko Records (@totokokolabel)

Unless you can read Japanese, you probably won’t understand more than half of the tweets of this Japan-based fan friendly label BUT that won’t deter you from hearing the incredible offerings they have to offer.  In fact any time a link is posted on the Tokodoko Records account – simply CLICK IT.  The label has become a hotbed for the best in ambient, classical electronica and “toy” instrument music, and best of all they are all FREE.  From budding ambient darlings as Shayou to even synth bands that even indie kids will love (such as CHVRCHES-like artist and our new favorite for 2014 – Diverting Duo) Tokodoko’s twitter is a new music listener’s  paradise.

tokodoko twitter


3. Marc Weidenbaum / Disquiet Community  (@disquiet)

The Disquiet community is a growing magnet of user-generated content that constantly remixes and more appropriately “re-imagines” how we look at compositional music.  Listening to their constant stream of  twitter updates of recompositions is enough to keep you busy for hours.  Best case example – turning the XBOX One’s startup notes into full fledged compositions!  Turn to this twitter to see the most proactive group of music remixers, composers, and pure imagineers in shaping fascinating, addictive new compositions.

disquiet community


4. Philadelphia Orchestra (@PhilaOrchestra)

With an orchestra as rich in history as the Philadelphia Orchestra, you better believe they are going to have a twitter full with a plethora of neat throwback content, facts, and most importantly landmark performances.  The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Twitter, along with their hip social media-savvy music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin (@nezetseguin) give viewers the most intimate but purely fun insight at orchestral music’s inner-workings and every best reason possible to be excited for live performances.  The only drawback to reading the Philadelphia Orchestra’s twitter is you’ll wish you were right there listening to them.

philadelphia orchestra


5. Olafur Arnalds (@OlafurArnalds)

Want to know what its like to be in the shoes of a multi-instrumentalist composer, non-stop touring performer, and all-around art machine?  Look no further than the best neo-classical composer in the game today as Arnalds’ Twitter account is full of tidbits into exciting new music collaborations and upcoming scores from the Icelandic maven along with his uniquely, personal look into his life on the road as he performs around the world (not to mention some humorous commentary on current-events and pop culture).

olafur arnalds twitter


6. Yoshiki (@yoshikiofficial)

A genre-blending icon amongst rock, pop, soundtrack, and even classical fans in Japan, Yoshiki’s Twitter is a smorgasbord of whacky and wild thoughts, images, and psychedelic content from the Dennis Rodman of classical music. Follow to see what the most extreme imagery of what classical music can be.

yoshiki classical


7. Nico Muhly (@nicomuhly)

Composer-extraodrinaire Nico Muhly needs no introduction and his twitter is possibly the most informative and educating account out there. Kidding.  Muhly breaks the stiffness of classical music with the best humor and snarkiness of anyone in the field. And yes, he does occasionally tweet about his groundbreaking works but rightfully strays aways from coming off as a self-promoting machine.   Pure entertainment.

nicol muhly twitter


8. Keith Kenniff/Helios (@_Helios)

Ever watched a commercial and wondered what that amazing background music you heard was?  Chances are it came from Keith Kenniff, otherwise known as Helios, who has scored for some of the biggest commercials in the scene along with a few solo recordings to his own credit.  Check out this twitter account for some previews of great retrospective music from one of the best hidden-gem mainstream classical music composers.

helios twitter


9. Eric Whitacre (@EricWhitacre)

A hero to choir dorks everywhere, no other Twitter account keeps as close contact to a massive fan audience than that of composer Eric Whitacre.  Notable for great music clips, clever classical music puns, and a deeply personal but fresh perspective into choral music, Whitacre’s twitter account will make anyone an instant fan of the crafty composer.

Eric Whitacre twitter


10. Amadéus Leopold (@amadeusleopold)

The most unique look into classical music bar none belongs to avant-garde violinist Amadéus Leopold.  Leopold’s splashy and undoubtedly colorful insight into classical music blurs the lines between traditional forms and new media and provides the brightest outlook for how the genre can transcend its staunch, stigmatic barriers. A mixture of classical music, pop culture, fashion, and outright spunk makes Leopold’s twitter appealing for a wider, more social-media savvy audience seeking to get introduced to the classical music genre.

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 4.39.43 PM

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