The Bonnie and Clyde Album of Opera

When opera performers go at it, a total drama fest ensues. Now change the roles into a real life husband and wife team and you can only imagine the theatrics 100x.

American performers Stephen Costello and Ailyn Pérez, who are married in real life, are set to release the Bonnie and Clyde of Opera with their upcoming debut album on Warner Classics entitled Love Duets. The album features the duo performing romantic love duets by Verdi, Puccini, Bernstein, and others, backed up by the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Patrick Summers’ guidance. Mixing opera arias with showtunes, the pair go at it with a soft blending of vocal serenity. While typical opera duets are generally very high-brow and often off-setting to be really considered “love songs,” Costello and Pérez’s performances exude a much emotive level to a Disneyesque effect. Case in point is their performance of “One Hand One Heart” from West Side Story which effaces any sense of vocal superficiality and conveys a true feeling of sadness.

The album should also be noted not just for the pairing of the husband-wife team but also for moments where at times Costello and Pérez seem to go at it (ala like a real married couple).  The realness of Love Duets‘ back and forth emotion is what really sets this album apart from really any opera duet album before it.  The vocal chemistry between Costello and Pérez is very evident and truly validated on the record to the point where you feel like this is how they communicate in real life.  The BBC Symphony Orchestra is practically a marriage counselor guiding the tussling along.

Love Duets drops May 5th.

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