The Coolest KickStarter that Will Scare the Crap Out of Every Orchestra

Ever wanted to play in an orchestra but don’t know an instrument that well? Wish you could compose your own symphonic masterpiece if you only knew how to write music? With Imitone, fear no more.

The already-successful Kickstarter campaign to release a full-fledged version of the Imitone application is setting both music junkies and composers ablaze with tremendous opportunities…and fears. Imitone essentially takes your own voice and converts it into musical notes that can in essence be translated to create a full-fledged orchestra sound.

So imagine you have a tune in your mind, but don’t know how to play the cello. By practically humming the tune you can basically recreate the piece into an instrumental with the help of Imitone.

Imitone represents the future of music composition and expands the growth of new music by breaking down the barriers of instrument or even music-reading knowledge. In the hands of contemporary composers, the possibilities are endless, but how traditional pen-and-paper composers see Imitone remains a question. One thing is for sure, Imitone or apps similar in nature will only breed new music composers with imagination being the only limit.

Imitone remains in alpha testing for now but with a successful Kickstarter, look for a mainstream, official release soon.

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