The Coolest “Video Album” Ever Created: Deru’s 1979

Taking the “audiovisual” experience to a whole new level, ambient/electronic artist Deru’s new Obverse Box edition of his upcoming album 1979 shatters the physical limitations of imaginative music.

Presented in a hand-painted vintage wooden box, The limited Obverse Box edition of 1979 is a walnut-encased projector that comes includes the album “1979”, along with a short film for each song from the record directed by Anthony Ciannamea / EFFIXX.

1979 The Obverse box

So what’s the story behind The Obverse Box? Deru meant for the special edition of the album to be seen as a time capsule based on the original Obverse Box he discovered in 2003 at a flea market in Los Angeles. Deru’s Obverse Box is an homage to the ways we leave behind our documented memories, in the spirit of the original relic – and what better way to signify that in the modern age than through a projected series of artistic visuals.

The Obverse Box of 1979 is literally your own TATE MODERN art installation in your home. Aside from the look of the projector, Deru’s music, especially the title track “1979,” combined with the projected images is perhaps one of the most surreal artistic, audiovisual experiences ever for a music listener at home. Given the often-compared toy box sound and “reminiscent” adjectives given to ambient music, its surprising that no artist has ever created a such a special-edition package to go along with that theme. Even cooler about the Obverse Box is that the visuals change drastically depending on the surface that it’s projected on, with the videos being designed with this experimentation in mind. Woah.

Credit to Deru and his team for looking beyond the physical and financial limitations of packaging and focusing more on the imagination of music creation and memory.

Deru worked for over a year and half with milling artist Jon Mendez and industrial engineer Roberto Crespo to bring Mark Wisniowski’s design to life. The projector starts off as a single block of walnut, and is transformed through 45 minutes of computer controlled drilling and laser milling.

Normally this would fall under our end-of-year gift guide, but given the small quantity being created, we’d suggest consumers pick this up fast.

Here’s a full list of specifications of the projector itself
* Handheld projector with built-in speaker and 1/8″ auxiliary output
* Preloaded with 9 custom made videos for each song on the album
* CNC Machined from a single piece of walnut
* Fully featured pico-projector
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts for 90+ minutes. Recharges using included AC power plug.
* Plays movies and music off of a micro SD card, or USB thumb drive
* Mini-HDMI and VGA inputs (adaptors included)
* 90 lumens, 1080p HD
* 6.5L x 2H x 3W

The Obverse Box of the ambient album 1979 is available for preorder on

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