The Future Never Comes for Deru

Taking a page out of a David Lynch like short film, ambient artist Deru reveals a new music video for “The Future Never Comes” off his upcoming album 1979.

Directed by Anthony Ciannamea, the new video vibes perfectly with Deru’s steady and held tones that bring an eery sense of aggression in the midst of calmness.

Interlaced with an assortment of imagery along a dashboard view of a lonely highway drive, “The Future Never Comes” parlays a placid texture across a pent-up rage.

Driving endlessly against an addictive bewildering, throbbing  track, one hopes not that the future will come, but that the present will never end.

The new video will be included in the special limited “Obverse Box” edition of 1979, available for order at

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