The Inside of An Instrument Looks Something Out of Lord of The Rings

(By Gene Yraola)

If you ever wondered what a real life shire out of LOTR would look like, look no further than the inside of a violin. To help promote the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Mona Sibai and Bj√∂rn Ewers came up with the concept to see what it’s like from the inside of an instrument.

Macro shots taken by Mierswa Kluska capture the interior of a violin, cello, flute and pipe organ with what appears as large, vacuum-space chambers with natural flowing light coming through. A unique look rarely conceived, the photos give off the illusion of something more mysterious and magical about the inside of an instrument. It’s as if we could envision Gandalf coming through at any moment.

inside an instrument 1


inside an instrument 5

inside an instrument 4

inside an instrument 3

inside an instrument 2

In other news, producers for Game of Thrones just found new scenic b-roll.

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