The Spotlight Shines On Kira Kira’s Debut Composition for 12 Piece Chamber Orchestra

Icelandic artist Kira Kira is one of many must-see contemporary composers to catch at the upcoming Summer Solstice festival in Los Angeles. An equally impressive visual artist as she is sound wise, Kira Kira will be debuting a composition for a 12 piece chamber orchestra.

The debut composition will feature not only electronics for a sublime mixture (ala Olafur Arnalds / Max Richter style) but will also feature vocals from herself and ESKMO.

The ECHO SOCIETY’s Winter Solstice was a massive hit with critics and audiences, with the Summer Solstice festival night already destined to follow suit. Kira Kira’s addition to the Summer Solstice, while unorthodox given the other composers on the lineup, only add to the impressive bill.

Summer Solstice takes place June 29 in Los Angeles.

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