This Is What Dreams Sound Like – Shayou’s Gleam of Midnight

An incredibly spell-binding and spine-tingling album, Shayou’s new album Gleam of Midnight is made free courtesy of Japanese-based Totokoko label (the label as that of acclaimed artist Sonic Brat)

Absolutely magical in every sense of the word, this collection of experimental sounds and repetitious chimes bring an imagery of passing light and faint color in a whirlwind of beauty.  Drone and dream-like, all 5 tracks, specifically the title track on Gleam of Midnight, are full of zest and gaping holes of wonder. Not since fellow Japanese experimental artist Ex-Confusion’s With Love, has their been an ambient record of this much sensory overload.  Yet whereas’s With Love was more of a controlled and withheld emotion, Gleam of Midnight is an outright explosion, reaching in all directions.  Aphex Twin fans will surely also find amusement in this record with a similar tone to his “Avril 14th” on the track  “Light of a Stove”

Gleam of Midnight in all its innocence and simplicity is a look back at the time lost within us all and a glimmering hope for one more chance (hear track 4 “Old Memory” and try not to yonder into your past).

While short and blissfully quick, Gleam of Midnight is a can’t miss – even if just for a fleeting second.

You can download the full album by clicking here or going to

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