Two Violins Are Better Than One

Honestly it’s bit hard to believe there’s not really a whole string section playing somewhere in the back because violinists Greg Ewer and Adam LaMotte sound HUGE on their new album of music by Jean-Marie Leclair.

A recording that combines the landmark repertoire mixed with ingenious use  of technology for a crisp, quality sound…and of course two stellar handlers of the instrument, Jean-Marie LeClair’s sonatas are done rightful justice with a captivating and deeply vast vibration rarely captured. Of course with Jean-Marie LeClair’s Complete Sonatas for Two Violins being released by the  engineering studs over at Sono Luminus it should be no surprised that  Greg Ewer and Adam LaMotte come off with a bigger ensemble feel that the pair appears.
Jean-Marie LeClair, who somewhat takes a backseat to more popular composers can be labeled as the start of the French Revolution when it comes to the violin.  Ewer,  who has appeared with the Oregon Symphony and Pink Martini, and LaMotte, who is the Artistic Director for the Montana Baroque Festival, play great homage to Leclair’s landmark repertoire and provide possibly the best interpretation of his unique compositional style in quite some time.
The Complete Sonatas For Two Violins is available now by Sono Luminus records and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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