Tycho Wants You To “See” The Trippy Life

The hottest instrumental act of the year, Tycho (the moniker of Scott Hansen’s trio), released the first video off their new album Awake for the track “See.” Directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz, the music video for “See” is everything we’d want in a total psychedelic experience.

“See” follows the journey of a curious (or confused?) heroine through various locales of mysticism and blurred realities. Eventually the young starlet comes across another mysterious, and somewhat creepy figure in the woods that eventually is realized is to be a closer figure than originally perceived. What does this all sum up to? Maybe don’t talk to strangers in the woods? Maybe don’t be lighting red smoke and drawing attention from them woodsy hobos? Maybe stay off the bath salts while camping? Who knows, but it sure is one awesomely trippy video.

“See” is available now off the LP Awake on Ghostly International.

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