We Find Pleasure in David Lang’s “I Live In Pain”

Composer David Lang’s latest frolic takes us into the psychology and purity of love with a little help from vocal quartet Anonymous 4 on his new piece “I Live In Pain” off the upcoming album Love Fail out MAY 27 on Cantaloupe Music.

“I Live In Pain” bodes well with Anonymous 4’s penchant for performing medieval music and shows Lang is a pro when it comes using subtle hues in pitch to pull a more dramatic (and theatrical) effect. Its outright heartbreak yet Anonymous 4’s voices somehow make this love story pure and honest.

Love Fail, the album by which “I Live In Pain” is a part of, is a meditation on the timelessness of love that weaves together details from the story of Tristan and Isolde with more modern sources. For all those who want a bit of King Arthur and some Knights of the Round Table action, Love Fail may be the ticket to get your medieval on (literally).

David Lang genius mixed with Anonymous 4’s serenity. Pure insanity.

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