We’ve Tried “On A Human Scale” In Person and It’s Marvelous

(by Gene Yraola)

When it came to the Tribeca Film Festival this year, it wasn’t the movies that attracted our attention but Matthew Matthew’s immersive and interactive exhibition “On A Human Scale.”

The exhibit takes sung notes by an assortment of New Yorkers and syncs them with corresponding keys on a piano. When the keys are touched, a visual display of the singer is highlighted creating a full visual, audio, and interactive experience unlike any other.

After trying it in person, I can personally attest to one thing: it’s magnificent to see and hear. After watching countless attendees in varying piano skills ranging from amateur to well-experienced, I couldn’t recall a single moment when anything sounded bad. In fact this might be the first time I ever witnessed an instrument in which every sound that emanated out of it sounded beautiful.

While most patrons would admitted that learning to play the piano could be a chore (or a bore), playing with Matthew Matthew’s exhibit was not only fun but enriching. According to creator Matthew Matthew, he intends to grow the exhibit by adding new voices that could expand into the hundreds to create a full virtual-choir at your finger tips experience. If indeed that happens, Matthew hopes to bring the exhibition to more cities around the world, creating a truly “global” sound.

– reported by Hilary Greene

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