What Would the X-Men As An Opera Look Like?

(by Brian Davidson)

Everyone may be excited for the upcoming new X-Men movie Logan in which the heroes travel back in time to prevent an apocalyptic future, but what if our favorite mutants were ever transformed into an opera? Illustrator Kevin Wada envisioned just that.

X-Men Opera

Originally drawn in 2012, the image is making the internet rounds once again with the upcoming hype behind the new movie. Though there has never been an opera performing character in the series, or even any remote use of an opera scene in any of the  story arcs, the X-men women matched with opera heroines in mid-century garb fits quite nicely.

For all those wondering who’s who (from left to right):

– Mystique as the Queen of the Night
– Psylocke as Cio-Cio San
– Storm as Aida
– Boom-Boom as Cunegonde
– Kitty Pryde as Octavian
– Jean Grey as Violetta
– Rogue as Carmen

Kevin Wada explains here the inspiration and the fashion behind each of the opera-themed costumed X-Men characters.

While we could only dream of an opera-themed X-Men comic, it wouldn’t be out of place as an intriguing side project given Marvel’s willingness to experiment with the franchise.  In fact Marvel has previously created non-cannon time-pieced versions of the X-Men comic.

In the meantime, you can listen to a real life Emma Frost (aka the mutant telepath) that’s also an opera performer…

real life emma frost

The stunningly gorgeous real life Emma Frost, who actually bares an uncannily-like resemblance to the blonde psychic from the comic book itself, is a Swedish opera performer with a coloratura voice, specializing in both traditional and cross-over pop opera. Just as the X-men comic book’s Emma Frost can dazzle with her psychic abilities, so too can the real life Emma Frost with her remarkably, solid and colorfully rich voice – as you can hear from her soundcloud below.

(for an extra bonus, here’s a more pure look into the real life Emma Frost’s natural voice without instrumentals)

(Emma Frost as Genovieffa)

We’re pretty sure Emma Frost will have a few new opera fans that double as X-Men fans in no time soon.

Logan, based on the X-Men comic “Old Man Logan,” hits theater’s this Friday.

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