When Monica Brought the Symphony to The Streets…

Fifteen years ago, at the height of her pop radio popularity, R&B singer Monica released probably the most recognizable symphonic tracks in the genre, aptly titled “Street Symphony.”

Following up her monster hit “Angel of Mine,” “Street Symphony” was Monica’s ode to hood love. With orchestral backing by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, “Street Symphony” would surprisingly be the first song of Monica to not be a top ten charter, and would become one of video director’s Darren Grant’s less popular productions.

Nonetheless despite its very 90s look and sound, “Street Symphony” was one of Monica’s more underrated singles and one of the better produced R&B/symphonic mashups..

Ok who are we kidding, the song was a total cheesefest and a huge blemish on Monica’s mostly stellar R&B career.

Well thankfully R. Kelly has brought justice to ┬áthe worlds of orchestra and R&B…


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